Service Details

Service Area

Full Circle Recycling serves the commercial recycling needs of over 600 customers in and around the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Click to learn more about our services.Learn More

Bins We Provide

We have a wide variety of bins and dumpsters to collect out customers' materials as cost-effectively as possible. Most times, we will give our customers a limited quantity of our standard bins at no charge with service. Click to learn more about our bins.Learn More

What We Collect

If it can be recycled we'll collect it! More and more materials are recyclable every day, and we are at the forefront of improving diversion rates for customers throughout Southern California. Click to learn more about what we can recycle.Learn More

Rebates & Service Fees

Many of our customers earn rebates from the recycling of large amounts of valuable materials. If your organization has a baler or generates substantitally more than two tons of recyclable material per month, click here to learn more about rebate opportunities.Learn More