Serious Waste Reduction

Commitment to Recycling

Recycling that waste rather than sending it to a landfill is environmentally responsible, economically feasible and it is our only goal. Waste haulers are primarily interested in hauling waste, and for them recycling is just additional cost. So the first step in waste reduction is a commitment to avoid the landfill.

Avoiding Contamination

Food and landscaping waste are the two biggest contaminants of recycling materials in our experience. By making sure that food and other organics are handled separately, recycling materials can retain their value, driving a large part of the revenue for the rest of the full circle of serious waste reduction.

Source Separation

A sustainable recycling program means balancing the recyclers' ideal of perfectly separated waste streams with the business reality of the time and effort that would involve for your organization. Single Stream Recycling is a euphemism used by waste haulers who want you to believe that you can be environmentally responsible while doing nothing, and that they will take care of it all. You can't, and they won't. We actively work with our customers to find that sustainable separation balance for each of them, given the specifics of their businesses.

Broad Materials Collection

If it can be recycled, we will collect it. In addition to standard office paper, glass and cardboard, we collect the growing array of plastics found in our waste streams, including bags, packaging materials, and miscellaneous plastic scraps. We also take scrap metals, toner cartridges, pallets, garment materials, and e-waste, and we also recycle 100% of our shredded materials. In most cases we charge a nominal service fee for collection, in part because much of the recycling we collect costs us to market the materials. Learn more about the materials we can recycle by clicking here.

Plant Processing:

By collecting recycling materials efficiently, minimizing contamination issues and sorting them carefully and responsibly, we work to make the materials we work with the cleanest in Southern California. That increases their value, and allows us to pass that value on to our customers in the form of lower prices and bigger rebates.

Reduce Waste, Reduce Costs

Finding the most efficient ways to market the materials we recycle means that we seek out the best prices for our materials, deliver them as efficiently as possible and constantly search for new ideas on how to re-use, re-purpose or recycle the materials our customers need us to collect.

Trash hauling fees always rise. By reducing the amount of trash hauled, our customers reduce their waste disposal costs. Because we market materials effectively, our costs for collection are significantly less than the costs associated with hauling waste. This usually leads to an overall reduction in all waste expenses, while reducing the impact on the environment.