Office Recycling Services

Interior Set-up and Collection

We consult with you to provide high quality plastic collection bins at your office and collect paper and other recyclables from them and/or from a centralized location inside a small office. We collect the materials from these bins on a regular schedule.

Our primary goal is to offer you an effective and hassle-free recycling program that will promote itself to your staff. We can collect from stations in copy areas, break rooms, or common areas – or even directly from each desk. Generally, interior recycling service will incur a service fee for collection.

Large Office Collections

Office buildings, school campuses, or other large instutitions typically need exterior collection of their office paper, cardboard, cans, bottles and other containers. The keys to successful recycling in this case are the proper instruction of janitorial staff and the participation of your staff.

The effectiveness of these programs is greatly increased when recyclable containers are bagged in clear plastic liners, and when trash is kept separated from your recycling.

Your staff would usually collect mixed recycling in outside 3- or 4- yard dumpsters, which we service on a regular basis. We can also provide you with a limited number of interior bins, or advise you on what kinds of bins might work best for your individual needs.

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