Hotels, Bars and Restaurants

Hotel Collections

We provide your hotel with interior and external bins and your staff gathers all cardboard in one type of dumpster and all glass in another. Space is frequently an important concern, and we will tailor a collection program to cater to the needs of your guests and clients.

We supply either carts or lockable dumpsters to a loading area where we collect on a regular schedule. Service fees, free collections or rebates are all possible depending on the volume of materials your hotel produces.

Responsible recycling is an important way the hospitality industry can reduce our environmental impact. Click here to learn more about our service fees and rebates.

Bars and Restaurants

Secure dumpsters and clear instructions to kitchen staff are the two keys to success in restaurant recycling programs. Many retaurants and bars produce enough recyclable glass to qualify for rebates.

In many cases, we can either include interior bins with service, or we can consult with you on the best bins for you to purchase in order to implement an effective recycling program.

Exterior bins are provided with service at no charge. Click here to learn more about all the bins we offer.

"We collect from any Commercial Entity"