Document Destruction & E-Waste Recycling

Document Destruction

DISCOUNT ALERT: Document Destruction and/or Recycling service fees are significantly reduced (FREE in some cases) when both services are combined.

We supply locking 64-gallon security shredding bins with slotted tops. We can collect from inside your office on a regular basis, and we offer both onsite and offsite shredding. Contact us for fees.

For Offsite Shredding, all materials are taken directly to our own alarmed facility for destruction within 24 hours of collection. Our facility also has video surveillance over the shredding area and all exits. All shredded material is placed into our recycling stream for complete recycling and assured destruction of material down to the fiber level.

For Onsite Shredding, we shred the materials at your facility inside our truck, which can be inspected during the process. Full Circle Recycling Company supplies a Certificate of Destruction before commencing shredding service.

E-Waste Recycling & Other Services

Electronic waste presents both an environmental threat and potentially a huge threat to the security of your identity or other personal information. With our recycling partners, we ensure that your data is destroyed, valuable components dissassembled and their parts or components recycled by manufacturers.

If it has wires, processors or screens, it has materials that will harm the environment if sent to a landfill. We find responsible recycling options for your electronic waste and keep it out of the landfills. We are also eager to collect other recyclable materials such as toner cartridges, data tapes, various assorted metals, industrial scraps, etc. Please click here to see more of what we can recycle and contact us today so that we can help you resolve your recycling needs.

"We collect from any Commercial Entity"